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How to Prepare Your Skin for Next Summer

The summer of 2020 might not have been what many hoped for, with a severe reduction in the number of vacations taken, trips to the beach managed and spa days enjoyed. However, that is exactly why planning for next summer by getting your skincare and appearance right is even more important than ever.

Taking your routine and treatment seriously over the next year should see you achieve cleaner and healthier-looking skin, younger appearing hands and feet and improved self-confidence.

Long Term Plan

Following a disturbing summer, in September 2020 a survey found that the average couple had not taken a trip together in seven months. Without going away with a partner, many will have found less reason to look after their skin, so beginning a long-term plan as soon as possible is essential.

Skin health can begin to be improved straight away, but for the best results start now for next summer. The first step – improving your cleansing routine.

Improve Cleansing Routine

Cleansing your skin properly – and not just your hands and face – is vital to removing dirt, makeup, sweat, oils, and dead skin cells from the surface of your body. No matter how you are attempting to change the appearance of your skin, be it to moisturize more, be less waxy or get a tan, it all begins with being clean.

Your cleansing routine should always contain a strong dose of exfoliating as this uncovers the fresh, healthy skin cells below the dead ones on the surface, allowing any products you apply to your skin to soak in better. You should attempt to avoid face wipes and harsh cleansers – treating your body gently is almost always the best course of action.

Hydrate Skin

Once you have cleaned and exfoliated your skin, hydrate regularly. This is understandably achieved through the use of moisturizer, but also through some other, natural actions such as drinking plenty of water, avoiding long showers, and eating fresh foods.

Laser Hair Removal

Your skincare routine will naturally lead to better-looking skin, essential for planning for next summer’s vacation. These methods should be kept up and kept regular to continue being effective, but one part of looking and feeling fantastic that can be done in one, a permanent act is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal will remove the need to shave or wax your back, legs, or face and is non-invasive on your skin. Removing unwanted hair now allows you to focus on your skincare and fitness regimes for the next 12 months.

Look After Hands and Feet

Too many people simply accept that their hands and feet will be dry, wrinkled, and cracked throughout the summer.

Begin moisturizing – water-based in the day, oil-based at night – your hands and feet regularly over the winter as well as treating calluses by soaking them in warm water nightly and gently removing them using a pumice stone.

With a little care and attention, even your feet can be in tip-top, glowing condition by next summer.