Bodytite Treatment

Bodytite Consultation & Recovery

Dramatic slimming and skin tightening with minimal recovery and scarring.

Bodytite is an FDA approved device that uses patented radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL™) technology to provide internal and external lipolysis. The radiofrequency energy melts fat and then it is removed through a thin tube called a cannula.

It is the most advanced and effective FDA cleared device for minimally invasive fat reduction and skin tightening available today. It can be used on the torso and extremities, to provide contraction of the dermis, subdermal connective tissue, and adipose tissue coagulation, for results that will not only firm the external skin, but also reduce the fat and thereby reduce inches! And for those who need a little more than an inch or two, Bodytite can be added to an in-office liposuction treatment to truly contour and shape the body.


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Patient Benefits 

Results without surgery!  Bodytite is the solution for those who need a little more than what the non-invasive options can provide.  With Bodytite patients can see reduced fat, in addition to firmed skin which leads to surgical-like results with no scars, less downtime and long-lasting, beautiful results. 

  • Up to 40% skin contraction observed in clinical studies
  • Leaves no visible scars
  • 15 – 60 minutes per treatment area
  • Minimal downtime
  • Less bruising, swelling, and pain

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a Bodytite treatment is the improved confidence and self-esteem people feel once sagging and rolls are replaced with smooth, youthful contours. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Niccoli has the training and experience to help you get the most from this remarkable treatment.

Bodytite can be used on the face (Facetite), abdomen, sides (love handles), back, chest, knees, buttocks, inner/outer thighs, breasts, & arms. Learn more about Facetite

The best candidates for the Bodytite RFAL treatment are those who have stubborn, deep areas of fat. Bodytite can treat fat up to 2 inches deep with large volume contraction. And for those with a little more, liposuction can be done in conjunction with Bodytite for added contouring.

Bodytite recovery time varies based upon the area treated. The downtime can be anywhere from 1-2 days up to 10 days. Results can be seen directly after treatment with the most noticeable results seen at 6 months and continuing up to 12 months after treatment.

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