You can book an appointment with us in the following 2 ways:

1. Call 970-641-0149 and talk to a live person Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm

2. Book online by registering for an account on our HIPAA Compliant patient portal (click button below). Once registered, you will be prompted to complete our NEW PATIENT INTAKE form, which will include your medical history.  Upon completion of that form, you will be taken to the portal dashboard, where you can use the online booking feature.   

NEW CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE:   before booking online, you will HAVE to complete the NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORM.  If you would like to book the appointment first, please call the number above to schedule your appointment.   After we get you scheduled, we will send you a link to register on the portal to complete our NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORM and medical history which must be completed before your initial appointment.   

To clarify, either way you book, you will need to complete the NEW PATIENT INTAKE form before your initial appointment.   The first method will have you do it after the appointment is booked.  The second method will make you do it before you book.  We are a medical spa providing medical aesthetic services and treatments, and therefore having your medical history is a necessity for safety reasons.

We look forward to seeing your soon! Happy Scheduling