Sometimes Aging Gracefully needs a helping hand, a FREE consultation from a professional and a 20% coupon off your first treatment.

At Colorado Laser Spa, we get it.  Anti-Aging Treatments can seem scary with all the overfilled, over-stretched, fake celebrities all over media.  We understand that, that fake look,q is NOT what your looking for.   Or perhaps you had a friend who looks great now, but you saw her when her face looked like hamburger meat for 2 weeks.  We also understand that may not be the route you are looking for either.

Anti-Aging treatments are not a one -size fits all protocol.  You need to talk to a professional and explore your options.  You need to investigate and know who is doing your treatments.  And also, you don’t want to drive hours away or spend your entire savings. We get it and we’re here.  Enter your information and we’ll send you an invitation for a FREE consultation with our licensed professional AND email you a 20% coupon to use on your first treatment. 

From Aesthetic Injections, such as Botox and Juvederm to Laser and Light skin Rejuvenation, or low level exfoliating facials to the NO downtime skin tightening treatments with the Tempsure Envi Radio Frequency, Colorado Laser Spa has so many options to help you with your “Aging Gracefully” concerns.  Plus our Local’s VIP program make our treatments affordable so we can actually tailor a treatment program for you individual needs and budget. 


Now is the time to at least investigate your options.   The longer you wait, the deeper the wrinkles get, the more pigmentation builds,  the tougher it is to treat non-invasively.  There is so much we can do to help right now.   All it takes is that FREE consultation. 

*limited to 4 cycles for first treatment and all 4 cycles must be completed in same visit. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers and promotions. offer subject to change